Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Twitter, Facebook and social networking

YOU can follow the Festival of Spirituality & Peace 2011 on Twitter and also on Facebook, as well as on this blog and at the home page. There's also a YouTube channel from last year, so that you can get a flavour of what's in store.

New to online social networking?  There's a brief introduction here. Technologically it may also seem bright, shiny and new. But it's actually something human beings have been involved in for a long time...

"What you think upon grows. Whatever you allow to occupy your mind you magnify in your life. Whether the subject of your thought be good or bad, the law works and the condition grows. Any subject that you keep out of your mind tends to diminish in your life, because what you do not use atrophies." - Emmet Fox, Make Your Life Worthwhile, 1942.

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