Sunday, 7 July 2013

Sponsors: Scottish Episcopal Church

MENTION the word 'Anglican' in many circles, and people think of 'Church of England'. In fact the Anglican or Episcopal tradition has many exemplars throughout the world - with Scotland having a particular and distinct place within the development of the Reformation.

The Scottish Episcopal Church, locally and nationally, has given a great deal of support over the years to what is now the Just Festival.

Today, the Church is part of the 78 million strong world-wide Anglican Communion, with seven historic dioceses covering the whole of Scotland bearing witness to contemporary faith, and tracing a history back to the earliest known Christians in Scotland.

The Scottish Episcopal Church, as its name suggests, is governed by bishops, differentiating it from the national Church of Scotland which is presbyterian and governed by elders.

However, unlike the Church of England, the bishops of the Scottish Episcopal Church are elected in a procedure involving clergy and laity of the vacant diocese voting at an electoral synod.

With some 52,000 members across Scotland, and many more linked to its community activities, the Church is strongly involved in social action, exploring and promoting the Gospel in everyday life, and engaging with those of different beliefs and backgrounds.

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