Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Help tell the story of the Festival

WHAT'S a blog for, some people still ask? The answer's simple: a weblog (to give it it's formal title) is an online diary... a day-to-day, moment-to-moment account of what's happening.

The idea behind Spirituality & Peace News, therefore, is to provide the daily, ongoing story of Edinburgh's most exciting and diverse August extravaganza, the Festival of Spirituality & Peace, running from 6 August (yes, just a few days away!) right through to August 29th.

To make this personal and up-close, this is something YOU can help with. If you want to send us a quick reaction to an event or talk you have attended, or perhaps a photo, or a quotation (something you heard), or even a lengthier report, we'd be delighted to run these - or excerpts, depending on space - as guest posts on this blog.

We are particularly keen to get people with mobile phones snapping away, or taking 30-60 second video shots for use on YouTube, if you have the facility. Please send all offerings to me here.

We do hope you can get involved in making this a continuous record... and as diverse as the Festival itself.

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