Saturday, 13 August 2011

Uganda and 'sexual apartheid'

POLITICIANS, church leaders and others in Uganda, Ghana and elsewhere in Africa have whipped up dangerous surges of hatred against gay people. Uganda considered a bill that would make homosexuality a capital crime. 

In the midst of this storm, Ugandan Bishop Christopher Senyonjo, an Anglican, has courageously stood up for LGBT dignity and rights, campaigned against ‘sexual apartheid’, and shown enormous Christian and pastoral courage in the face of opposition, exclusion and even death threats.

The Bishop, whom the Huffington Post named ‘one of the ten most influential religious figures in the world’ in 2010, demonstrates what it means to have conviction and faith enough to side with all those whom Jesus called “the least of these my sisters and brothers.”

Bishop Senyonjo is currently on tour in North America and Europe. At the Festival of Spirituality and Peace he joins conversation with John Watson from Amnesty International in a compelling event entitled 'The worst Place in the World to be Gay?'

It takes place on Saturday 13 August, 12.30pm  – 1.30pm, at St John’s Church, Princes St, Edinburgh. All welcome.

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