Friday, 17 August 2012

Alone, together: a conversation with Charles Handy

JOIN Charles Handy, social philosopher, broadcaster, and former Professor at London Business school, to discuss independence in life and work.

Charles Handy describes a group of ‘acorns’ or tiny businesses near where he lives in Norfolk. These people are fiercely independent, but gather together for breakfast every Friday to support and encourage each other. This is their way to balance independence with companionship and connection to others. What's yours?

The conversation will use the device of ‘The Empty Chair’. There will be three chairs on the platform. Charles will occupy the middle one and invite someone to join him in conversation, sitting in one of the chairs beside him. The third chair is empty.

As soon as someone else wants to continue the conversation on the same or different topic, they come and sit in the empty chair. This is the signal to the preceding conversationalist to close and depart, leaving another empty chair awaiting the next occupant. In this way there is a continuing series of conversations, making for a unique and varied evening of discussion.

Friday 17 August, 4pm-5pm, in the Church at St John's (Venue 127). Buy tickets here or at the venue box office.

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