Sunday, 12 August 2012

Khantara colour and sound

KHANTARA blends British and South American performers to create a powerfully visual performance filled with colour and sound.

Led by Colombian multi-instrumentalist Anthar Kharana, whose majestic vocals range from mellow femininity tp growled mongolian throat-song, Khantara weaves together the stunning richness of traditional gaitas - Colombian flutes - and driving tambores percussion with bouzouki, cajon and traverse flute.

Khantara aims not only to provide entertainment but to spread a message of change and help to those in need, with a focus on Indigenous children and communities in Colombia. This weekend, they will be bringing the exhilaratingly brilliant soundscape of Colombia to St John's church.

Saturday 11 August, 9pm-10pm, and Sunday 12th August, 8pm-9pm, in the Persian Tent at St John's (Venue 127). Buy tickets here or at the venue box office.

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