Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fitting finale for Poetry in the Persian Tent

POETRY in the Persian Tent ended on a high note this morning with a beautiful variety of poetry and music, including one surprise performer who had come all the way from New York.

Eunice Buchanan started off the morning's poetry with poems on subjects ranging from Noah's wife to the process of cremation, in a mix of Scots and English, in a dynamic and diverse reading.

She was followed by Mandy Haggith, poet and environmental activist, described as 'acutely observant of the natural world' with a series of poems on trees and other woodland flora, often personified: 'honeysuckle', she said, 'is a geisha girl'.

After this came the surprise poet of the morning, Marie Howe of New York, with observational poems on love, marriage and children with quotations from fourteenth century writers and Janis Joplin.

Finally, Stewart Conn, one of Edinburgh's best-known poets, shared some poems and anecdotes about tents, followed by some works with his characteristic dramatic edge.

Interspersed with the poetry was songs by Carole Clarke, accompanied by George Wilson, with a huge range of songs and styles, with lyricists ranging from Robbie Burns to Emily Dickinson.

M.C. Stephanie Green concluded the morning by giving thanks to all who contributed to and attended Poetry in the Persian Tent for helping with a great cause.

You can find more information about Old MacDonald had a Farm for Africa and donate here.

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