Saturday, 25 August 2012

Review: Poetry in the Persian Tent

Vicki Feaver: image by
Caroline Forbes
VICKI Feaver, described to her amusement as 'domestic gothic', headlined today's Poetry in the Persian Tent with a huge range of her poetry, including poems from her upcoming collection 'Like a fiend hid in a cloud', giving a warm and fierce performance.

She was joined by Patricia Ace with poems from her forthcoming collection 'Fabulous Beast' with works about her family, her daughters, and (of course) frogs and Jane McKie with poems from her latest pamphlet 'Garden of Bedsteads', a tale of love, loss and fishing.

Music was provided by Irene Railley and the Just Voices a capella group with two 'deep and meaningful' songs from the North of England and Bulgaria, and a belated but much welcome performance by Fair Isle,
Shetland folk singer Lise Sinclair, who was sadly unable to attend on Thursday due to the weather.

Poetry in the Persian Tent has been an opportunity to hear some great poetry, new and old, from established artists and up-and-comings, and it will be on at 11am in the Hall at St John's Church (Venue 127) at the Festival of Spirituality and Peace until 26 August 2012.


(c) Katie MacFadyen is a fourth year student of Classics at the University of Edinburgh, about to start a dissertation in Reception Studies: the study of how classics is and has been used in subsequent cultural contexts. She also writes speculative fiction and theatre, as well as film and book reviews. Her theatre reviews from the Fringe Festival 2011 can be found on and She is a media intern for the Festival of Spirituality and Peace 2012 and contributes regularly to Spirituality and Peace News.

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