Wednesday, 8 August 2012

What's the story?

STORYTELLING is one of our oldest art forms. Every Thursday in the Persian Tent, there will be a different story-teller; different styles and cultures, but all in the same spirit of bringing words and the world to life, stimulating the imagination, and building a sense of community between tellers and listeners!

On Thursday 9th Edinburgh born and bred story-teller Marie-Louise Cochrane will be delighting us with her traditional tales.

Marie-Louise Cochrane tells lively Scottish folk stories and fairy tales. Her favourite quote about story-telling is 'it's hard to hate anyone whose story you know!' (Roslyn Bresnick-Perry).

Come Thursday August 16th to hear Mio Shapley with traditional tales and music from Japan.

Mio Shapley grew up in the high Japanese Alps and loves to tell stories that celebrate the wonder and wisdom of the natural world, all infused with a humorous take on Japanese Zen philosophy!

Finally, on August 23rd, world-travelling story teller Duncan Mackintosh will be bringing stories of Africa to the Persian Tent!

Born in South Africa, Duncan Mackintosh will be sharing a colourful selection of African stories. Humorous, passionate, dynamic and wise, all draw on Mackintosh's personal experience of growing up in Africa.

All three events are suitable for all ages and aim to entertain, delight and educate! They will run alongside our 'All questions and no answers' workshops for adults.

Thursday 9, 16 and 23 August, 4pm-4:45pm, in the Persian Tent at St John's (Venue 127). By donation.

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