Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Talented Tuesday in final Festival week

The Festival of Spirituality and Peace starts bright and early today with Messy Faith at 10:30am, the last of our interfaith, all-ages Persian Tent sessions with storytelling, shared food, and messy activities.

As Messy Faith ends, the first Japanese Tea Ceremony with Mio Shapley begin at 11ams. Mio invites you to share a cup of peace and simplicity.

For more peace and quiet, come to Mindfulness @ Lunchtime at 12:15pm St Mark's Church for guided meditation and shared food.

Lunchtime at St John's means Sacred Space, this time with John Grieve, at 12:30, followed by Worship at One.

Also at lunchtime is the second of our two feminist-themed conversations, Women in Religion at 12:30pm - should traditions and scripture be re-evaluated from a female perspective? Stay tuned for more on this event.

The afternoon kicks off with African Traditional Songs with Grassroots Zimbabwe (pictured) at 2pm with songs from the Ndebele and Shona cultures of Zimbabwe.

After this comes the very last chance to see The Larks Ascending at 4pm in the Hall, a combination of musical performance and workshop.

At the same time in the Church Soweto Entsha will be performing once again.

In the evening, two very different talks. At 6pm Lesley Widdoch and Andy Wightman plus a special guest are back with more of The Scottish Six.

Ending the day, at 7:30pm learn about Crop Circles, UFOs and World Transformation at the Theosophical Society - a free talk, so go along if you're curious.

The Persian Tent Village will also be open all day with food, tea and relaxation. As ever, a diverse and varied array of events.

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