Thursday, 2 August 2012

A tent of hope for humanity

THE Persian Tent Village at the 2012 Festival of Spirituality and Peace send out a message of hope for humanity and is a symbol of solidarity with "the 99 per cent."

So said Yousef Amadi, whose team is creating the Tent and cafe focus at St John's Church for the duration of the month long Festival. He was speaking at the Persian Tent Preview, which featured a range of artists and performers, this evening.

Performance, food, hospitality, reflection, culture, reconciliation and space for relaxation are the combined service the Persian Tent Village will offer thousands of people in Edinburgh during the busiest time of the city's year.

But it also has a message of hope to offer at the social and political level. Yousef Ahadi, whose Persian rug emporium has been a fixture on the landscape of Morningside in Edinburgh since 1990, told the gathering that the message of peace was about breaking down barriers in order to recognise the true unity of humanity.

Yousef's reference to "the 99 per cent" echoes the call of the Occupy movement, which has also used tented encampments to spread its message of change in the face of global financial chaos and the domination of the world economy by a wealthy and unaccountable few.

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