Sunday, 5 August 2012

Asian/Arabic fusion dance workshop

WHETHER you enjoyed their show on Saturday, were sorry to have missed it, or just want to try out a new form of dance, you're in luck - Devi Satari is coming back to FoSP.

Open to all age, abilities and genders, this workshop will teach you basic movements and postures, let you participate in a small dance piece accompanied by live musicians, help you explore your own body, and above all give you the chance to experience Devi Satari's cultural fusion dance form personally.

Inspired by Korean, Indonesian, Indian and Middle Eastern movement, this is a workshop for everyone from experienced dancers to budding beginners!

Monday 6 August, 6pm-7pm, in the Hall at St John's (Venue 127). Buy tickets here or at the venue box office.

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  1. Do we ultimately consider it another fusion created by the 'Western World"? ... Is the continuation of a "Vintage Oriental/AmCab" dance style an affront to