Monday, 6 August 2012

Can we evolve our spirituality?

ANDREW Cohen of Enlightenment Next and The Bishop Brian Smith meet to discuss the question: can we evolve our spirituality?

Spiritual perspectives divide nations in a competition for ownership of souls; faiths fight; traditional religions are challenged by new age spirituality; believers and seekers are left confused by different understandings of faith, spirituality and the meaning of human existence.

According to Andrew Cohen, only 'true visionaries' can find the new pathways necessary to resolve such tensions.

Following last year’s sell-out event, Andrew Cohen and the Rt Rev Brian Smith, former Episcopal bishop of Edinburgh, will now explore the possibility of co-operation and collaboration in the evolving world of spirituality.

Tuesday August 7, 6pm-7:15pm, in the Church at St John's (Venue 127). Buy tickets here or at the venue box office.

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