Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Persian Tent farewell from Duo Hyperborea

THE Persian Tent at St John's has been an indispensible meeting point throughout the Festival of Spirituality and Peace this year.

It has been an oasis of calm, good food, reviving tea, conversation, spontaneous dance, meeting, gorgeous rugs and ornaments, intense debate, tranquility, music and culture.

So it was fitting that the penultimate performance of the Festival was down to Duo Hyperborea, at 7pm on 27 August. They have now performed on nine occasions across six days at the Persian Tent in the latter part of August.

To Yousef, Richard and all the Persian Tent team goes our most heartfelt thanks and best wishes. Go and visit them in the Persian Rug Village shop in Morningside Road!

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  1. Many, many thanks to Yousef, Richard and all the fine people at the Persian Tent for hosting us and giving us so much warm hospitality.

    Chris Elmes & Helena MacGilp
    duo Hyperborea