Friday, 3 August 2012

Steamer Lane's harmonies offer refreshment

STEAMER Lane are inviting you to share and enjoy their fresh vocal harmonies. Come for an hour of soft rock and gentle folk music.

Members of the band have toured extensively through the Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland and have also appeared on BBC national TV and Scottish Television.

Steamer Lane includes Simon and Garfunkel, Brian Wilson and Moby Grape among their influences, along with all 'surf, folk and harmony-filled' music.

Their approach has been described as 'gentle', 'unique', 'distinctive' and 'refreshing'. A must-see for anyone who appreciates the sound of early folk music - performing tomorrow night!

Saturday 4 August, 4pm-5pm, in the Church at St John's (Venue 127). Free ticketed by donation. Reserve tickets online here.

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