Sunday, 11 August 2013

A world of possibilities: Fourth World Art

AT the recent discussion on art and social change, Lillian Lee of Fourth World Art spoke movingly about the realities of working with artisans in post-earthquake Haiti, one of the poorest nations on earth.

Today (Sunday 11th August), you can learn more about Fourth World Art by coming to 'A World of Possibilities', which runs from 2-3pm (£5) in the chapel at St John's Church, on the corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road in Edinburgh.

'Men anpil, chay pa lou' is a Haitian proverb, translates to ‘Many hands, make the load lighter,’ epitomises Fourth World Art’s vision.

Come and listen to the founding story of the group, as they creatively advocate self-sufficiency and enterprise through artisan craft, using this as a means to rebuild communities in crisis.

Fourth World Art’s simple idea: buy art directly from Haitian artists (money is exchanged directly and fairly, economic boost), sell the art in UK, creating awareness of Haiti and UK employment, and finally, profits from the sale of the art, reinvested back into Haiti, a need that has a tangible impact.

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