Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Facing the reality domestic abuse

AS part of it's 'Behind Closed doors' strand of programming, Just Festival will tonight examine a subject which is too close to home for many people - but which has to be confronted.

Domestic abuse remains a prevalent problem in Scotland, but also one that is not talked about as much as it should be and in the way that it should be.

The Just conversation in the hall at St John's Church tonight (6-7.30pm, £5) asks: What can be done to decrease abusive behaviours? How can faith-related organisations provide assistance to the victims? What legal procedures should be put in place so that the abused are provided with secure living conditions?

Also should the abusers be given counselling, and if so, how and in what context of punishment, exclusion and/or rehabilitation? ​

The speakers this evening are Mridul Wadhwa (Shakti Women's Aid), Nick Smithers (Abused Men in Scotland) and Lily Greenan (the chair of Scottish Women's Aid). ​

Facilitating the session will be Dr Eurig Scandrett from Queen Margaret University.

'Domestic Abuse - Scotland’s Secret Shame' is a vital issue, and this discussion is one not to miss.

Full booking details can be found here

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