Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Coming very soon... 'Creepie Stool'

WEIRD name, wonderful play. That's one verdict on Creepie Stool, which runs from 16th-21st (then 26th) at Just Festival.

"A flair for irony, subtle provocation, detailed observation and wry wit," says EdinburghSpotlight of Scottish playwright Jen McGregor. This is her new play.

The scene is set in Edinburgh, 24 July 1637. Jenny Geddes flings a stool at a minister and starts a riot in St Giles, a three-day brawl and, indirectly, the Covenanters’ War.

While Calvinists and Catholics clash violently on the city’s streets, Jenny’s employer demands an explanation – leading to unwelcome discoveries behind closed doors.

Creepie Stool is a story of secrets, lies, inept leadership, early Scottish sectarianism and the uncontrollable consequences of a single act of defiance.

It is also inspired by a true story, and it has strong resonances with the current debate about sectarianism and how to handle it in Scotand and elsewhere. 

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