Monday, 19 August 2013

Journeying together in faith

NEARLY fifty people came along this evening to hear the inspiring story of how Christians and Muslims in Aberdeen have sought to share sacred space for prayer without sacrificing the integrity of their respective beliefs.

On the contrary, we have heard, there has been a great deal of learning for all involved, and the deepening of faith in both communities as a matter of the heart, of relationships.

Thanks to Donna M Dalgetty (@Weetigger1) for her photo, shared on Twitter, and for her comments. Others have also been responding positively to this moving story on social media.

Is this a turning point for faith communities in Aberdeen and in Scotland, the panel was asked?

It has certainly challenged and changed attitudes for a number of people, it was suggested - and in some quite unexpected ways and places.

"I am an atheist but I know what you did is Christian and I want to acknowledge this," one person wrote.

It may be too early to tell how things will develop. What has happened in Aberdeen may be a tiny thing, but it has made our life easier," another involved in inter-community and inter-faith relations said.

The full live blog is here.

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