Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Thinking together about Scotland's future

LOOK out for a unique opportunity to find out how people can  have a real say about Scotland's future tonight (Tuesday, 20th August), in the Thinking Together: Co-Creating Peace event.   

The organisers say: "Thinking Together is a treasure hunt for the future, where the clues are hidden in the wisdom of the crowd. Each person's life experience maps the terrain, and the courage to hear each other lights the way forward."

"We are daring to drive people power, through facilitating collaboration, consensus and collective action. Imagining Scotland as a Hub of Democratic Innovation. A Scotland - a world - where everyone has a say!

"Inspired by a process used in Iceland, and supported by a bevy of collaborating partners and volunteers, So Say Scotland hosted their first citizen assembly earlier this year asking the question 'How do we make Scotland a better place?'

This powerful meaning-making experience allows participants to move beyond difference into collaboration and is at the heart of co-creating peace.

So Say Scotland are a politically neutral, broad minded, nonprofit and currently voluntary project, imagining Scotland as a Hub of Democratic Innovation.
 Come along to hear more and to experience a little of the process. Quaker Meeting House, 20:30-21:45, Tuesday August 20th, £5. Buy tickets at the Hub here.

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