Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Beyond the veil

BEYOND the Veil have done an amazing job at Just Festival, running two extremely popular, full henna workshops. The hands have it!

The organisation, which I first encountered last year, seeks to promote a better understanding of Islam and Muslims through participating in community events/projects with partner organisations... like Just.

They write: "We are a Muslim Women's Group based in Edinburgh, Scotland. We aim to promote a better understanding of Islam on a basic level. As 'community activitists' we believe it is through integration and partnership that understanding on a reciprocal basis can be achieved.

"Beyond the Veil was established in Spring 2006. Since then we have been involved in many projects and with partners from accross the City and beyond.

"These include: City of Edinburgh Council; Lothian & Borders Police; NHS; Universities/Colleges in Edinburgh including the Al-Waleed Centre for the Study of Islam; Edinburgh Interfaith Association; various Churches and other places of worship; CORE; Fast Forward; CEMVO; ELREC; Muslim Council of Britain; AMINA Muslim Women's Resource Centre; ROSHNI; Blackhall Mosque, Historic Scotland; National Trust for Scotland; Scottish Natural Heritage; Al-Maghrib Institute; SOLAS Foundation and many more."

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