Monday, 12 August 2013

How goes faith in the media?

THE title of this evening's conversation, Faith in the Media (6pm - 7.30pm in the hall at St John's Church, £5) could have a number of applications.

Both faith organisations and media bodies have come in for a good deal of criticism of late, with what were once regarded as established and reliable traditions being questioned over misuse of power.

Equally, both some aspects of religion and the technology of media have changed shape and taken on new impetuses and characteristics in a fast moving, global order. Yet faith, in particular, has to look back for its roots and around for its engagement, as well as forward for its frontiers.

So a number of questions come into play. With the modern culture of scepticism and constant searching for controversy and story-making, are the media portraying a true image of the different religions?

What approaches should be adopted in order to present a balanced image of faith communities? How can the media shape both perceptions and the way in which religions are practised? 

The speakers this evening are Professor Jolyon Mitchell (University of Edinburgh, Centre for theology and public issues, a former journalist himself), Ephraim Borowski (Scottish Council of Jewish Communities), and Michael Brady Munnik (Alwaleed Centre, co sponsors of the event).

The chair will be Seonag Mackinnon (Church of Scotland).

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