Friday, 23 August 2013

Scottish identity and citizenship

THE Scottish Independence Referendum has opened up serious discussions about Scotland’s identity and citizenship.

How might Scotland’s sense of self be defined after centuries of Union and immigration? Will this affect the voting in September 2014, and if so how?

Equally, what should be taken into account while revisiting legal aspects of granting citizenship? How will the Referendum shape intra-British and European relations?

These and other issues will be considered today in a conversation on Citizenship and Identity as part of Just Festival 2013, co-sponsored by the European Movement in Scotland.

The Speakers will be Iain G. Mitchell QC (Murray Stable) and Perry Walker (New Economics Foundation, and a leading proponent of citizens' democracy). The chair will be Moira Tasker (Citizen Advice Edinburgh).

The conversation runs from 4-5.30pm, Friday 23rd August, in the hall at St John's Church (venue 127).

Full details and booking here.

Tickets, which are £5, can also be purchased on the day at the venue's cash-only ticket office.

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