Sunday, 25 August 2013

Life is not all scripted

AS festival season illustrates, life is a balance between planning and sheer spontaneity... and sometimes you just have to let the spontaneity take over!

The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human is an unscripted event "to re-ignite hope for humankind," say the performers. And that means human beings being kind...

"Passionate, funny, honest, affirming of real people and real living, it creates music, song, dance and story all on the spot."

The performers this afternoon elevate both the miracles and struggles of everyday folk in a daring, unpredictable and fresh way.

The show is directed by InterPlay's founders, Cynthia Winton-Henry and Phil Porter, who are based in California, USA.

InterPlay is a method that explores creativity for anyone, and offers a powerful way to connect to your story, sound and movement.

The Unbelievable Beauty of Being Human's format was first performed in San Francisco in 1997 and has debuted in Seattle, Minneapolis Chicago, Raleigh, and Sydney, Australia. Now it takes its rightful place in Edinburgh.

This is a UK and Scottish premier, and features renowned Scottish singer Mairi Campbell, among others.

The performance is free (donations welcome) and runs from 1-2.30pm in the church at St John's, corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road (venue 127).

Just... turn up!

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