Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Religion and state in Scotland: a conversation

SCOTLAND'S faith communities have helped shape the Scotland we know today, many would contend.

Our education system, our prison communities, our sense of the egalitarian and the ideal of "we're all Jock Tamson bairns" are part of that story.

 Whatever the outcome of the 2014 independence referendum, how will they have a space to make a similar contribution in our multi-cultural 21st century Scotland?

 Is it possible to recognise the place of faith and belief communities in a modern, plural democracy without privileging them? If so, how?

The speakers at a conversation about this topic tonight (Tuesday 13th August), from 6-7.30pm at St John's Church hall, Edinburgh, are Rev Sally Foster Fulton (Convenor of the Church of Scotland Church and Society Council), Fayaz Alibhai (from the Alwaleed Centre) and chair the Rev Ewan Aitken (Church of Scotland, former leader of Edinburgh City Council).

Full booking details here.

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