Monday, 12 August 2013

Thinking about religion and the news

RELIGION and the news. The two cross paths every day in debates about the impact of different beliefs within the modern world, the emergence of new spiritualities and of active non-believing, and in relation to both growth and decline in the major religious traditions.

Religion and the News is, also, as it happens, the title of a book published at the end of last year (2012), co-edited by Professor Jolyon Mitchell, who is taking part in tonight's 'Faith and the Media' conversation at St John's Church, Edinburgh, 6pm-7.30pm, as part of Just Festival.

In this well-received volume, journalists and religious leaders reflect on their interactions with one another and their experiences of creating news. Through a series of original contributions, leading practitioners shed light on how religious stories emerge into the public domain. Experienced journalists and religious representatives from different faith traditions critically consider their role in a rapidly evolving communicative environment.

Aimed at journalists, faith representatives, religious leaders, academics and students this book offers a timely exploration of the current state of religious news coverage and makes an original contribution to the emerging media, religion and culture literature, as well as to media and communication studies. Religion and the News presents insights from leading journalists and religious leaders, many well-known figures, writing openly about their experiences.

More information here.

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