Sunday, 25 August 2013

Getting stuck in to the future

WELL, no, we don't mean in an aggressive way - but not just talking, finding a new way of putting together our views so that we can make a difference!

That was what happened at Just Festival the other evening, as part of the session looking at citizenship and identity in Scotland, whichever way the referendum goes in September 2014 (and as part of the public exchange in the build-up to it).

Perry Walker of the inspirational New Economics Foundation (nef) brought along with him an abbreviated version of a word game which enables people to express themselves and hear one another in fresh ways. It involves choosing and linking words and phrases.

You can see people busy getting stuck in to the exchange (in the nicest way possible!) in our picture, with Perry supervising proceedings.

The Church of Scotland (with Imagining Scotland's Future) and So Say Scotland, who also held a Just workshop,  are among those rolling out cafe-style civic conversations and we think about the future direction of our country, these islands. Europe and beyond.

The full live blog from the Just conversation about Scottish identity and citizenship can also be found here.

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