Thursday, 15 August 2013

Releasing the power of silence

AS part of the very condition of the modern world, we are assaulted on all sides by noise. But silence can reorient you and change your life, and a talk at Just Festival today (Thursday 15th August) explains why and how.

Graham Turner explores the power that can be found in silence through interviewing monastics, religious leaders, composers, actors, psychotherapists, prisoners and peace workers about their experiences of practising silence.

Ranging from Christian contemplation in the Egyptian desert to Vipassana meditation in India, from the shared silence of Quaker meetings in Oxford to the profound stillness of the Alps, Turner fills a substantial gap in modern human awareness.

Running from 4-5pm in the hall at St John's Church (corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road), Edinburgh, this session on The Power of Silence costs £5. You can purchase tickets online or from the cash box office at the venue. Full details here.

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