Thursday, 22 August 2013

Learning about the culture of Persian rugs

AN established feature of Just Festival and its predecessor, the Festival of Spirituality and Peace, over the past few years has been the Persian Tent - a place of relaxation and refreshment amidst the buzz of Edinburgh in August.

The team that bring you the tea and fine food between, before and after performances at Just are linked to the Persian Rug Village shop, and can also offer expert advice and assistance in that area.

This evening (4-6pm) there is a free 'Introduction to Persian Rugs' session for passers by and those with a developing interest.

First opened in Morningside in 1990, Persian Rug Village has subsequently built a reputation as a leading centre of excellence and expertise in oriental carpets in Scotland.

Providing professional cleaning and repair services for handmade rugs, it also offers a personal service to our customers and organises cultural events within the wider community - like the Tent.

"We specialise in the finest quality traditional rugs, many of which are designed and created in our own workshops in Persia and Turkey.

"Made from natural and sustainable materials, our rugs are hand-crafted using tools and techniques which have been handed down through the generations.

"We enjoy a close relationship with the S├╝leyman Demirel University, offering classes and work experience to art students involving carpet creation, maintenance, and repair."

More information here.

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