Tuesday, 6 August 2013

An oasis of calm

FESTIVAL is great. But let's face it, sometimes you need to cool off. And we don't just mean from Edinburgh's soaring temperatures! *cough*

But seriously folks, in the midst of all those wonderful events you're going to (hopefully quite a few of them at Just Festival...), everyone needs somewhere to sit and unwind. Preferably with a refreshing drink and some lovingly prepared, unusual, reasonably priced food.

Know where I'm going with this? Yes, indeed, the Persian Tent at St John's Church (Venue 27) on the corner of Princes Street and Lothian Road is where you want to be.

It can get a bit busy in the evenings (because the food and company is so great, and because of the music and talks), but often in the middle of the day it's just the place to be as you contemplate your next move. Or perhaps non-move for a bit...

Here are some happy mint tea drinkers to prove the point, chillaxing away at tea time on 6th August. Do come and join them - well, not literally, they'll probably have moved on by the time you get here! But you know what we mean.

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