Monday, 5 August 2013

Buzz around Just Conversations

DON'T MISS OUT!  Encouragingly, ticket sales for Just Festival 2013 are up so far and one conversation has already sold out... there are plenty more, of course, but make sure you line up your diary and get them booked.

The full Conversation programme can be viewed here. Just click each picture icon for full details and the link to online booking.

Likewise for the festival's inspiring range of Talks and perspective-altering Films.

Discussion and debate this year is grouped around five broad and inclusive 'strands'. These are:
* changing world,
* ethics over profit,
* behind closed doors,
* faith today and
Scottish independence referendum.

There's undoubtedly a real buzz about the Conversation, Talks and Films at Just Festival this year. Indeed, Edinburgh Spotlight has an interesting comment in its preview and comment on the launch.

They declared: "It would be unfair to suggest that Edinburgh’s other festivals shy away from moral, political and social issues. However, by curating a series of events and performances which both celebrate and highlight the importance of the world’s cultural and ethical diversity, the Just Festival could perhaps be described as the festival season’s compassionate heart."

(Image courtesy of the excellent Art of Conversation blog, and (c) them). 

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