Friday, 2 August 2013

Flagging up a greeting...

FROM the beginning of August until the beginning of September, creative artist Peter Liversidge is inviting anyone in the city of Edinburgh with a flagpole to fly a white flag which bears the text: HELLO.

The project stems from a desire to remind us that in its most basic sense, the flag is not a nationalistic or tribal banner, but a form of HELLO: “a greeting, an indication of intent be that benevolent or with malice”.

In a city which doubles in size each August, as festival season begins, Liversidge’s initiative invites Edinburgh, visitors and residents alike, to join in a collective and universal greeting.

Flags for Edinburgh is one of 10 new public art commissions for Edinburgh Art Festival 2013 and its is being promoted by, among others, Just Festival. St John's Church is one of the public venues that will be 'flying the flag'.

Read more about the Edinburgh Flags Project here.

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