Friday, 9 August 2013

Just premieres powerful plays

BIGOTRY, suspicion and sectarianism - how do they emerge in human relationships and in history? The issue is a hot one in Scotland at the moment writes Anna Schwoub.

Both government and civil society groups are looking at how to transcend destructive forms of tribalism while recognising people's need for security and a sense of identity.

Debate and politics are one thing. But how do we get a real feel for the situation, short of (or in addition to) direct engagement at street level?

Drama continues to be an important avenue for introducing and illuminating what is going on, and in particular how history can resonate painfully in the insecurities of the present.

The 2013 Just festival is featuring three small-scale productions with an underlying theme of understanding the often subtle and sometime stark dynamics of sectarianism in Scotland.

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