Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Migrant help in Scotland

TONIGHT'S Just Festival conversation on enforced labour and trafficking in Scotland has also highlighted the important work of Migrant Help.

This is "a non-campaigning organisation committed to providing support and guidance to migrants in distress and victims of modern day slavery known as Human Trafficking.

"In 2013 Migrant Help will reach its 50th year of providing an excellent service. In the early 1960's we worked mainly around the port of Dover and were born from the needs to support au pairs and other migrants that had been mistreated or abused. Due to our success as an organisation that provides a balanced and intelligent approach to addressing the risks and needs presented by the diverse challenges that can be faced by foreign nationals, our provision has grown considerably. Today we offer support, guidance and safe accommodation across the UK. We have strong European links and include EU migrants in our client group.

"Our website provides access to the advice, information and guidance you need. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact us directly using the button provided. We are a charity run by incredible staff and our work becomes ever more busy and complex. If you would like to help us, in any way, please get in touch and make a difference to the life of someone in distress. We run an extensive work placement/volunteer programme. This provides a tremendous opportunity for those interested in current affairs, social challenges and humanitarian issues to develop their knowledge and practical experience further."

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